Viale Tibaldi

Road where on 28th August 1944 four partisans were shot by militants of the Legione Autonoma Mobile “Ettore Muti”.

On 28th August 1944, at 7:30pm, militants from the Legione “Ettore Muti” blocked viale Tibaldi and put four partisans they’ve arrested a few hours earlier against a wall, shot them and left their bodies exposed until dark. Today, in viale Tibaldi 26, a commemorative plate recalls the event.

The four were Albino Abico, 25, Giovanni Alippi, 24, Bruno Clapiz, 41, and Maurizio Del Sale, 47.

Abico, Alippi and Del Sale were members, together with Mario Negroni, of the “gruppo di Assiano”, created in Spring 1944, and acting in connection with the formations of the Ossola and providing them with weapons and materials.

They were also in contact with the GAP of Ruggero Brambilla (“Nello”) in Milan for the delivery of weapons to Val d’Ossola, and stayed for a few days at the 85th brigade Garibaldi “Valgrande Martiri”.

While they were going back to Milan, they were joined by Bruno Clapiz, who had asked his commander “Capitano Mario” (Mario Muneghina) to operate in the city. In Milan, these four were part of the GAP of the 85th brigade, the “GAP Mendel” (or “3rd brigade GAP-II base”) under the orders of Brambilla, who had the duty to provide the basic goods to the brigade in the mountain.

On 7th August, Abico, Alippi and Negroni were driving in a car around the streets of Milan, throwing copies of “L’Unità” and flyers “hailing the liberation of Florence”.

A few days later, Alippi and Del Sale and others disarmed the militant at a road block in Porta Vigentina, before being arrested with Abico and Clapiz, probably after a denunciation, in the bottle shop “Roma” in Via Tibaldi, owned by Daniele Richini, a member of the SAP of the 113th brigade Garibaldi, later deported to Mauthausen, who used to give them shelter.

As for the details of the arrest, however, there are diverging sources. On the one hand, it seems that the arrest of the four partisans took place on 26th August, and that they have been tortured in the fascist prison and brought on the 28th in viale Tibaldi to be executed. According to the second source, instead, the torture and the execution took place the same day, just a few hours apart.
Roberta Cairoli