Casa dello Studente

Headquarter of the Institute for the Right to Education, shelter for many nazi soldiers after 25th April 1945.

Historic headquarter of the Institute for the Right to Education (a regional institution in Lombardy) of the Politecnico, designed and built in 1934 by Italo Azimonti. It has hosted many generations of engineers and architects.
The building is made up of five levels, one of which entirely dedicated to collective activities.
On 25th April 1945, several German forces hid in the building, as well as in the near Palazzo dell’Aeronautica, the Hotel Regina and the Casa dei Martinitt. Giovanni Pesce cells: «gunshots from the casa dello Studente, in viale Romagna. Some young people are trying to make them come out». Here is were the partisans of the Brigate dell’Oltrepò, lead by Luchino Dal Verme, were sent, on 27th April, after the successful evacuation of the Palazzo dellAeronautica. Conversely from their previous operation, which saw several hours of tension, here the Commander, as he recounts in an interview of February 2013, says that his men arrived when things had already been settled and the Germans were already surrendering to the partisans of Milan.


Guido Lorenzetti